The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

I said Sloan.

If I Could Change Your Mind
Statistics vs. traditionalists: will it ever end?

120 Metres
Analyzing the impact of playing field size on the game.

I Am The (Clubhouse) Cancer
Measuring the value and impact of intangibles.

Take the Bench
For struggling players, how many chances is too many?

Seems So Heavy
The latest developments in detecting PEDs.

Down in the Basement
Bloggers, start your engines!

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Searching for new ways to play with old data.

All Used Up
Comparing the aging curve across different sports.

Follow the Leader
Or, why does Michael Young still have a job?

At the Edge of the Scene
How much impact can fringe players—fourth liners, bench outfielders—have in the playoffs?

Green Gardens, Cold Montreal
Is Jeffrey Loria here to stay?

Whatever, I tried.
With sincerest apologies to Sloan Sports Analytics Conference & Sloan Music.

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